The Power of Helping Others

I’ve been really having a great time for the last few days.

For one, I attended the second module of Alex Jeffreys’ mentoring program, which was awesome as always! But secondly, I have been taking it upon myself to help others in the course with various elements of their blog creations.

For those of us who are in Alex’s program, we all know that the power of GIVING always pays off in the end. It’s not that we are giving for the fact that we are expecting people to pay you boat loads of cash in the future, but rather for that fact that relationships with be built and reputations and experiences will spread.

I am fairly new to the internet marketing world, but I feel like I’m really digging in deep and making a presence in the areas I am focused in. And the largest one right now is to help the students with their blog images and theme creation.

Just over the last few days, I have happily helped five fine folks to begin their own journey in the internet marketing world. I remember how it felt when I didn’t have the slightest clue to of how to create a blog from scratch and whip up a decent header image to display to the world.

Now that I’m feeling much more confident with my abilities, I have publicly asked people on Alex’s forum if they would need my help, free of charge. At first there was a delay, but now I have been receiving a couple new people a day. It’s AMAZING!

I don’t mind that there is no money coming in for this, but at least I’m building relationships and trying to get others to the level I’m at today. I am fully confident that in the very near future I’ll reach my income targets for the year and be very happy.

At this moment I am in “learning and teaching mode”… but definitely much more learning than teaching!

What this all boils down to is that GIVING will ALWAYS pay off in the end. Connections will be made and people will remember your name. It’s all in the power of giving, my friends!

Take it or leave it!!