LOTS of Things Have Changed!

Wow wow wow! It’s been absolutely way too long since the last time I wrote a post and I feel horrible about it! But nonetheless, there have been a bunch of changes happening in the last month or so. Let me break it down really quick!

The far most important thing (and large reason I have been away from the blog) is that I just got married two days ago. It’s nuts! It was such an awesome day and everything worked out exactly as it was planned (we were spared from the rain… something that NEVER happens in San Diego).

Second, I am about to graduate from college, so it’s been crunch time and I’ve been wrapping up a lot of projects in the next two weeks. Wish me the best!

Other great things that have happened is that I released a free product at eCoversUnlimited.com. It was a very long process but I finally opened it up and it has done tremendously well! On that site, I offer people free eCover templates for their own products (mainly eBooks). Go check it out and see for yourself!

Another awesome milestone that happened is that I hit the 1,000 subscriber mark! I did this a week ago, so that was a very good feeling. I have mainly grown my mailing list by setting up and managing multiple ad swaps with other great internet marketers. I will go into more detail about how I’ve grown my list so quickly in a coming post.

Lastly, I’d like to offer a killer deal that was just released today. My mentor, Alex Jeffreys, whom I first learned how to actually make money online, has just opened up a very limited training opportunity. He is offering the same $1000 course that I paid for nearly six months ago for MUUUUCH cheaper. But before you even see that, he is giving away the exact training webinar that taught me how to make some of my first dollars online!

Alex is absolutely nuts, so this is something that you could jump on immediately! You will see that the free webinar he gives you is extremely high quality, but as a huge bonus to the first 10 people who purchase his very limited training program, I will giveaway a life-time membership to the eCoversUnlimited Elite Members section.

The Elite membership that I am giving away is normally charged at $37 dollars, so it’s a very good added bonus for you, and definitely something that would come in handy once Alex has taught you how to make money online and what products you should create. Simply shoot me an email after you have purchased a spot for Alex’s training and I will get the Elite membership right on over to you!

Here’s that link to Alex’s special deal: http://joefier.com/recommends/freewebinar/

I’ll talk to you soon!