Go VIRAL! Learn to Retweet Your Blog Posts

How would you like people to spread the word about your blog posts to thousands, if not millions of people on Twitter? All of this, of course, is without you needing to do ANYTHING except installing a simple little WordPress plugin called Tweetmeme.

Check out the out the light green image on the left side of this post, that’s all it is! You may have seen it on other blogs and thought they had to pay for it and write some crazy code to post it. Luckily, you could get up and running in seconds like I did.

Watch this quick video tutorial I created for you to get started right now…

This is the epitome of going viral online… it’s the best thing you could do for your blog right now!

So if you enjoyed this post and thought that it was helpful, please feel free to retweet it by using the button on top!

Also, I always love reading and responding to your comments below. :)