Day #2 of the 90 Challenge

I know I said I wouldn’t post many of these videos, but I thought this one was pretty fun.

I’ve realized that driving home from my day job takes about 30 minutes, and most of that time I spent either listening to the recordings of Alex Jeffreys or think about random thoughts regarding online business. So I figured, why not do my recordings WHILE I DRIVE and kill two birds with one stone (I love birds, really, I do).

So I’ve now taken a go with it and will be trying to make more of these driving home videos. I think this is one of the times in my day where my mind is wandering free and my best thoughts come out. Sure, it might not be the SAFEST time to record a video of myself, but hey, I’ve never been in an accident that was my fault!

This is how I will continue to clear my thoughts, create goals, and release some great information for viewers like YOU! If you’d like to follow my complete 90 journey, follow this link and subscribe to my channel!

Check the video out below and watch for yourself!!

I suggest that anyone out there that has a great idea for a business or anything regarding making money online to get it out and post an article or video about it! There’s not use in holding it in for yourself and not letting others help you expand it. I’ve finally realized the importance of letting others help you with your ‘secret’ idea and they have EXPLODED into much bigger things.

Give it a shot, just my two cents!

See ya next time!!