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  • Free Tool To Make Videos In 5 Minutes

    I just stumbled across a site that I found months back and figured it would be something right up your alley. If you’re struggling to create your first video online or if you just want to pump out a quick professional video on YouTube in about 5 minutes, you need to check out the video […]

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  • Wanna Look Like A ‘Guru’?

    Alright, once again it’s been WAY too long since my last blog post. I’m sorry if you’ve been coming back and seeing the same thing. But, this time I think I have a valid excuse… 😉 For the last 3-4 months I’ve been working on something that I KNOW will help tons of people in […]

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  • YouTube Does It Again!

    Imagine how this could jump-start your mailing list, even if you don’t have any subscribers now. This could even be great for people like me who have a mailing list but are always looking for new people to share our cool tips and tricks with? This might just be the break of the newest social […]

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  • LOTS of Things Have Changed!

    Wow wow wow! It’s been absolutely way too long since the last time I wrote a post and I feel horrible about it! But nonetheless, there have been a bunch of changes happening in the last month or so. Let me break it down really quick! The far most important thing (and large reason I […]

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  • My First eBook Is Released and
    Waiting for You To Read!

    Drumroll please!………… Now introducing… YourSlickStartup!!! This eBook has been a long thought out work in the making, but it’s finally here and ready for you to get it for FREE! Check out the following video to give you a “behind the cover” look at what I’ve produced for you… It’s definitely not your “typical” looking […]

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  • New eBook Coming & Weekly Web Shows
    with Matt Wolfe & Joe

    Man, oh, man! These last two nights/days have been nuts for me. It seems like all of a sudden, ideas for projects and products have been slamming my brain, along with the fact that I already have some ideas in the works, it’s crazy! The past two nights have been packed with Alex Jeffrey’s coaching […]

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