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  • How to Build a Large Targeted Twitter Following

    Hey guys! In reaction to many people who have messaged me with their questions and problems in getting a large number of targeted Twitter followers, I’d like to introduce to you my newest video tutorials! Simply click on the monitor image below to check out a video I made that describes the whole thing. Implementing […]

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  • What The Hell Do Customers
    Want to Buy From You?

    I want to dig into a little of what people are doing to make money online today. There are a variety of methods and tactics that people could use to make money online, but how do you choose which is best for you? Should you try to as many methods as possible to be “diversified”, […]

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  • 25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…
    Are You Ready?!

    Within the Alex Jeffreys community, there are some gauntlets being throw, and mainly by one fine individual. That man is masterfully named GazzMan, and of course you could see how he started everything by reading his post here. Oh, I just thought of something. For the rest of this post, read everything in a Scottish […]

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