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  • How I’m Changing My Business: Inside Look

    If you ever plan on creating your own product online and want to distribute it to hundreds, even thousands of people… you need to watch the video below. As you might have seen, I’ve been running a “test launch” for my newest product, Video Simplified. I’m planning on launching it to everyone online using a […]

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  • What’s Up With This Mobile Marketing Thing?

    You’ve probably seen the emails and read about how cool mobile marketing is and how you should buy the new and latest product, Mobile Monopoly. Well I just wanted to give you my little two cents on the subject since it’s really had me thinking a lot since I saw some videos swirling around for […]

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  • Do Something Different & Stick It To The Rest!

    This has been on the top of my mind for quite some time now and didn’t really strike me until just the other day. I was commenting on some threads in the Warrior Forum and started answering questions from a couple of newbies just starting out in internet marketing. We went back and forth a […]

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  • A Little Offline Experience Helps Make You Big Bucks Online

    Wow I’ve really been on a roll with this blogging thing. It’s really fun now that I’m back into the swing of things! How are you liking the new stuff? Anyways, today I just finished editing this quick video I shot the other day. In here I’m talking about how I’ve been doing some offline […]

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  • How To Write Yourself a $100,000 Check

    I was sitting around this morning eating a nice breakfast of egg whites, sautéed red onions, green bell peppers and tomatoes when I thought about something I recently did. I wrote a check to myself for $100,000.  AHHH!!!! Unfortunately at this point I don’t have the cashflow to cash it in (unless someone breaks into […]

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  • Start Attending Some Seminars!

    Don’t worry, I’m not selling any course or any specific seminar in this post! A couple of weekends ago myself, Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett attended Frank Kern’s List Control seminar together at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego (just about a 5 minute drive from my house).  Let me tell you, that thing […]

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  • Taking The Fear Out of Facebook Ads

    Per the request of numerous people, I’m writing/videoing this blog post.  With all of the projects that I am involved in (more on that in another post) the blog seems to get pushed to the side. But it shouldn’t be that way. So here I am, again, making the promise to myself that I’ll try […]

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  • Interview With Matt Wolfe of Autopilot Cash Formula

    Well, that was a nice setting for a video, but even moreso, one heck of a story! Imagine if you were to stumble on the to same formula… how would it change you life? When I put Matt’s formula into action, it completely took me up and spun me around. No more day job and […]

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  • Bringin’ the Pain in 2010!!

    Hey guys & gals… I QUIT!!! If you don’t know yet, in one week I am taking the leap from a slave to the 8-5 workday and am going focus all of my energy, sweat and tears online. Don’t worry, I won’t cry too much, but it is sure scaring the hell out of me […]

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  • Go VIRAL! Learn to Retweet Your Blog Posts

    How would you like people to spread the word about your blog posts to thousands, if not millions of people on Twitter? All of this, of course, is without you needing to do ANYTHING except installing a simple little WordPress plugin called Tweetmeme. Check out the out the light green image on the left side […]

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