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  • Do Something Different & Stick It To The Rest!

    This has been on the top of my mind for quite some time now and didn’t really strike me until just the other day. I was commenting on some threads in the Warrior Forum and started answering questions from a couple of newbies just starting out in internet marketing. We went back and forth a […]

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  • A Little Offline Experience Helps Make You Big Bucks Online

    Wow I’ve really been on a roll with this blogging thing. It’s really fun now that I’m back into the swing of things! How are you liking the new stuff? Anyways, today I just finished editing this quick video I shot the other day. In here I’m talking about how I’ve been doing some offline […]

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  • Start Attending Some Seminars!

    Don’t worry, I’m not selling any course or any specific seminar in this post! A couple of weekends ago myself, Matt Wolfe and Josh Bartlett attended Frank Kern’s List Control seminar together at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego (just about a 5 minute drive from my house).  Let me tell you, that thing […]

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  • Interview With Matt Wolfe of Autopilot Cash Formula

    Well, that was a nice setting for a video, but even moreso, one heck of a story! Imagine if you were to stumble on the to same formula… how would it change you life? When I put Matt’s formula into action, it completely took me up and spun me around. No more day job and […]

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  • The Power of Helping Others

    I’ve been really having a great time for the last few days. For one, I attended the second module of Alex Jeffreys’ mentoring program, which was awesome as always! But secondly, I have been taking it upon myself to help others in the course with various elements of their blog creations. For those of us […]

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  • Why I’m Here & Why You Should Know

    There is truly only one reason why I’ve chose to start up this blog and proceed into the world of internet marketing: to be happy. And what do I mean as being happy?  Well, happy in the sense of this blog and the rest of the internet as being the largest opportunity for me to […]

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