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  • 25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…
    Are You Ready?!

    Within the Alex Jeffreys community, there are some gauntlets being throw, and mainly by one fine individual. That man is masterfully named GazzMan, and of course you could see how he started everything by reading his post here. Oh, I just thought of something. For the rest of this post, read everything in a Scottish […]

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  • Thanks to Alex Jeffreys,
    Money Chases Me Everywhere!

    To spice things up just a little bit, I want to show you a video I created for a video competition that Alex Jeffreys put on for our coaching. Out of the endless amounts of lessons and tips that Alex has given me, I’d be very safe to say that his lesson of “stop chasing […]

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  • Organization & Planning with Alex Jeffreys

    Ok, it’s pretty late for me tonight (with work in the morning and me loving my precious sleep) but I wanted to share some of my thoughts on Alex Jeffreys’ coaching lesson from Monday night. I wasn’t one of the fortunate ones to watch the entire lesson live, so I had to wait for the […]

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