Bringin’ the Pain in 2010!!

Hey guys & gals… I QUIT!!!

If you don’t know yet, in one week I am taking the leap from a
slave to the 8-5 workday and am going focus all of my energy, sweat and tears online.

Don’t worry, I won’t cry too much, but it is sure scaring the hell out of me and my lovely
wife, Heather, but that comes with any other entrepreneur’s experience out there.

I’m sure if you’re reading this post, you have at least the slightest interest in making some
money online, and I throughly encourage you to push, kick and fight until you could
succeed. Quitting my day job to focus solely on an online business has been a dream of
mine for so many years now, but not only until now have I had the courage and confidence
that there’s no way I could fail. Sure, failure is an element in the game, but there’s no sight
of it in my future.

I do have bad vision… maybe I need to check the prescription of my contact lens! 😉

Either way, I’ve decided to leave a day job where I was offered a full-time position for a
very successful construction company in downtown San Diego in marketing. For anyone
else who has graduated recently, you’d think I’m a madman and have gone off the deep end!

It’s crossed my mind a few times that I might be a little insane, but that’s what fuels the
desire. I have a flame in my stomach and a fire lit under my ass right now, hence why this
post might sound a little out of the norm.

Just Do It!

(thanks Nike)

It all boils down to the fact that I want you to feel the same. If you have some talent with
marketing online and have the desire to create some real money from it, I want you to
break from the norm and live your dream. I want to see you kicking and screaming and
sacrificing sleep hours so you could do what you want, and get paid for it.

All you need is the time to learn, get some experience, have the desire and most of all,
get the support of your family and friends. I have been absolutely blessed to have the
overwhelming support from my wife and family and two great friends, Matt Wolfe and
Josh Bartlett. With the help of them, I would not have the confidence to make this leap.

I urge you to do the same!

In the meantime, I have been burying my head in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush It!
This is a book that scream for you to pursue your passions and make a living from them.

If you haven’t heard of Gary, watch the video below of him at a recent conference.
You’ll soon realize that this guy doesn’t hold anything back! He has turned a decent
wine business into a $70 million machine! Listen to him speak, it’ll give you some