90 Day Challenge – Are You In?!

Hey hey, long time no talk!!

Sorry for the gap is posts on here, but it looks like people have been REALLY enjoying the previous articles I’ve posted. I can’t believe all of the comments that I’ve been getting from people like you… I LOVE IT! Keep it up!!

Seriously, it’s completely motivating when I know that people that I like and love seeing here give me some input, it’s some motivating stuff!

So What’s Good ‘Ol Joe Up To??

Besides the great amount of students I have been helping to create blog header images from Alex Jeffreys’ course, I just begun my personal 90 Day Challenge.

So do you REALLLLLY want to know what this is all about? I’d say you should consult the video directly below my blabbing text! I’m so excited to make these videos, but even yet, I think this is the best I’ve EVER created! I’m sure you’ll be able to tell once you see for yourself.

I’d LOVE to hear your feedback!! :)

ALSO, look me up at YouTube to follow me throughout this 90 Day Challenge, as I won’t be posting each video on the blog.