Drink Water for Increased Productivity!!

I just wanted to get something off my chest before I got sidetracked or something else popped up in my mind…

Ice Cold WaterAs I was at work yesterday filling up my fourth cup of water of the day (it was only 10:30 AM), I remembered something that Alex Jeffreys mentioned in his lesson from Monday: “make a pledge to yourself to drink only water in your office because it will spur your productivity level”. He continued to say that if you are only 2% dehydrated, you will end up being at least 25% less productive. That’s INSANE!

Mind you, this is one of the many items that Alex has listed on his daily pledge he reads before working each day. When I originally saw this on his list, I thought that Alex has a soda drinking problem or loved to POUND BEERS while making the big bucks online!! (I’ve learned he likes beer, so I’m looking forward to sharing a few with him in the future).

But now it makes perfect sense why he tells himself to ONLY drink water while working is on his daily pledge sheet. ***Takes a gulp of ice cold water***

In my deep thinking at my work’s water cooler, I wanted to scour the internet for some proof that Alex’s statement is truthful. I would NEVER doubt the man, but I wanted to see what others had to say about it. I found a very interesting article by a man named Jon Stout that you could read here.

Now if you might have trouble being completely productive while in your office or that you might get that afternoon lull and the “siesta syndrome”, drinking plenty of water, and ONLY water in your office might be a step in the right direction. Granted you might need to take more trips to the porcelain god, but hey, take that time as a break and walk a little extra to clear your mind. Just a thought!

I hoped that helped someone out there!!

Oh, and sweet photo credit to Andrew Manson