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  • August 2009
  • My First eBook Is Released and
    Waiting for You To Read!

    Drumroll please!………… Now introducing… YourSlickStartup!!! This eBook has been a long thought out work in the making, but it’s finally here and ready for you to get it for FREE! Check out the following video to give you a “behind the cover” look at what I’ve produced for you… It’s definitely not your “typical” looking […]

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  • New eBook Coming & Weekly Web Shows
    with Matt Wolfe & Joe

    Man, oh, man! These last two nights/days have been nuts for me. It seems like all of a sudden, ideas for projects and products have been slamming my brain, along with the fact that I already have some ideas in the works, it’s crazy! The past two nights have been packed with Alex Jeffrey’s coaching […]

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  • 3 Easy Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Site

    So I’ve been really battling with the web traffic gods and been trying to figure out what methods would be great starting points to produce some substantial, long-term traffic to my blog. I’m sure you’ve heard of an almost endless list of traffic generating techniques and have probably even acted on a few. And if […]

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  • Learn to Make Online Videos Like a Pro!

    How’s it going?! I’m loving it, IT’S FRIDAY!! Ok, back to business, just for a little bit, at least… I’ve been noticing that a lot of the Alex Jeffreys students have been starting to create their own videos to add to their blogs, YouTube and other places. This is an amazing thing because it will […]

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  • Been on Vacation, But Ready To Hit It Hard

    Hey hey! It’s been over a week since the last time we’ve talked, but judging from your great comments and feedback, you never went away!! Just this morning I came back from the best vacation of my life. My fiance, Heather, and I went out to Maui, Hawaii for a week of pure R&R and […]

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