• Why You Should Float In A Sensory Deprivation Tank (And Experience Something That Feels Out of this World)


    I originally wrote and published this article on Medium. It’s been almost three hours and I’m still coming down from my buzz from floating (more like flying through space) adventure in a sensory deprivation tank (aka a float tank). This was my fifth time floating and it was definitely the one that has left me […]

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  • The Ultimate Solution To Break Out of Procrastination & Build Your Big Vision


      We’ve all been there before. We get a brilliant idea for a new product or service and start thinking about the grand vision that comes with it. Maybe there is competition, and maybe there isn’t. Either way, you’re siked up and can taste what it will feel like once you have it all launched […]

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  • Getting Out of Thinking Small

    Young woman using tablet in coffee shop

    It seems like it’s human nature to think and set goals for things that we feel are pretty easily achievable. Sure, many of us entrepreneurs love to challenge ourselves with lofty visions and innovative business ideas, but for the most part, we subconsciously fall into the mode of “playing it safe and small.” Just the […]

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  • How Many Ideas Have You Had Today?

    Hey hey! I’m coming to you today from a small town in the mountains of Arizona called Sedona. It’s the last day of my trek around here, so I wanted to leave you with some sights and more tips of what I’ve been thinking of. Today I’m chatting about how ideas can either be the […]

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  • Greetings From The Grand Canyon!

    Hey y’all!! Here I am again, coming to you from a totally different location… the Grand Canyon!! If you haven’t made the trip to these parts of Arizona, it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it and will blow your mind. I give you a little glimpse of the hike that my wife and I were on going into […]

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  • Big Changes… But Great For You!

    So I’m coming out of a little bit of an internet marketing hiatus… of about 2 months or so. Things have changed recently in my business and DEFINITELY for the better!! Check out the video below to check out what I’ve been up to and some points that I’ve learned along the way that WILL […]

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  • How I’m Changing My Business: Inside Look

    If you ever plan on creating your own product online and want to distribute it to hundreds, even thousands of people… you need to watch the video below. As you might have seen, I’ve been running a “test launch” for my newest product, Video Simplified. I’m planning on launching it to everyone online using a […]

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  • Free Tool To Make Videos In 5 Minutes

    I just stumbled across a site that I found months back and figured it would be something right up your alley. If you’re struggling to create your first video online or if you just want to pump out a quick professional video on YouTube in about 5 minutes, you need to check out the video […]

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  • Wanna Look Like A ‘Guru’?

    Alright, once again it’s been WAY too long since my last blog post. I’m sorry if you’ve been coming back and seeing the same thing. But, this time I think I have a valid excuse… 😉 For the last 3-4 months I’ve been working on something that I KNOW will help tons of people in […]

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  • What’s Up With This Mobile Marketing Thing?

    You’ve probably seen the emails and read about how cool mobile marketing is and how you should buy the new and latest product, Mobile Monopoly. Well I just wanted to give you my little two cents on the subject since it’s really had me thinking a lot since I saw some videos swirling around for […]

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