Why Use Joe’s Videos?

Gain More Subscribers

In the recent launch of Easy Video Player 2, Joe’s pre-launch videos helped captured over 12,000 leads in less than a week. These videos were used to effectively capture the attention of future buyers throughout the course of the week.

Increase Sales

During the same Easy Video Player 2 launch, Joe’s videos generated an astounding $200,000 in sales in just the first day of the launch. The video-based sales page continues to generate a multitude of sales each day.

Effectiveness of Quality Videos

Joe’s videos scream out from the crowd. With hours of work put into each project, Joe’s videos are unique, grab attention and have been proven to greatly increase conversions.

Check Out Some Previous Work…

Easy Video Player 2 Pre-Launch Intro

The video on the right was Easy Video Player 2′s first video during the week-long pre-launch sequence. The sole purpose of this video was to instantly grab viewer attention, pump them up, and get them craving for more… it worked!

No matter what style of animation, music preference, or business type, these types of videos will be very effective for your business.

Contact Joe now to get more information or to get started with similar style videos for your own products/services!

Slideshow-Based Sales Video

This video is a perfect example of a text and image based video used as an online selling tool for any niche. Combined with precise copywriting and creative motion imagery, this video is the driving sales tool for Patient Approved’s online sales

The combination of motion text, eye-popping imagery and timely music transitions creates the perfect selling tool for your online sales and marketing, no matter the niche.

Contact Joe now to learn more about how the combination of these elements could result in a large increase in sales for your business.

Easy Video Player 2 Intro Animation

The video to the right was used as an intro video animation for each of the pre-launch videos and sales video. This animation was a custom project that was used to grab viewers’ attention and prepare them for what came next.

Not only can Joe create quick videos like this for your videos, similar video animations can be made at any length and design.